Ok so I was riding my 150cc 1987 Honda Elite scooter on the Freeway the other day ;).
It was Saturday December 16th 2017 and it was a very windy day 30-40 MPH gusts.
I was on the San Rafeal Bridge going, trying, about 55 MPH. I felt like I was in a tornado.
This got me thinking, I know there is issues when escaping earths atmosphere.
Mainly involving physics of earths gravitational pull as well as wind drag, turbulence, air pressure and density.
Thats alot of variables. It was clear to me that maybe my scooter really barely meats the standards to take the freeway and travel at 65 MPH.
Let alone with that level of wind gusts. The faster I went the more the turbulence affected me.
However maybe just a slightly different design would make driving a speed bike perfectly safe in that situation. As well as capable of faster speeds.
I am trying to think of solutions to this problem and to facilitate the process to escape the atmosphere.
Obviously increasing aerodynamics. One method currently used to escape the gravity is to increase thrust.
This method makes sense for very large payloads that are launching them from the surface.

But what variables would be involved to launch smaller more specialized "crafts" from higher up in the atmosphere.
A jet could be used to escort a "craft" higher into the atmosphere overcoming some of earths gravity and lowering travel distance.
Robotic driving techniques could be used to launch and steer a lower powered, less heavy "craft" the rest of the way out of the atmosphere.

I think Robotic steering and "intelligent crafts" could determine how much energy as well as which direction needed to escape the atmosphere.

Similary a robtic steering system could detect the wind gusts and forces being applied to my scooter and counter appropriately.
I could just sit back and let the machine analyze the wind the forces needed, drive perfectly straight and use less energy.