What is Space Decentral?

Space Decentral is a decentralized, global, space agency. It’s designed to allow anyone to make their visions of our future in space a reality: through collaboration, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and pooling of talent. Blockchain technology serves as the backbone for this collaborative structure, ensuring transparency and openness in all links of the chain from initial vision to mission execution.


What is Space Cooperative or space.coop?

Space Cooperative Inc. is a worker-owned California Cooperative Corporation, crewed by a diverse group that includes engineers, architects, futurists, artists, software developers. One of the projects Space Cooperative is involved with is Space Decentral. Besides Space Decentral, Cooperative members are also internally developing space mission concepts such as a Robotic Asteroid Prospector, Moon Village, Water Walls Life Support Architecture, and Deep Space Gateway Planetary Quarantine Facility which are projects led by Space Cooperative co-owner Dr. Marc Cohen.


How are Space Decentral and Space Cooperative related?

Space Cooperative is the founding entity behind Space Decentral, and one that will be capable of interfacing with the real world when necessary such as for procuring launch licenses or remitting checks to contractors that do not accept cryptocurrency. However it should be noted that Space Cooperative does not or will not wholly own Space Decentral. Members of Space Cooperative will act as the initial stewards of Space Decentral with the aim for it to flourish and grow to be a network where multiple organizations and individuals can share value, with no single entity having central authority.


Why was Space Decentral created?

Space Decentral was created to break the monopoly that states and corporations have hitherto had on the exploration, use and settlement of space. It seeks to engage all members of the human race who share a vision of a continual flourishing of both human and non-human life both on the Earth itself and spreading, like a green fire of creation, into the cosmos. It is designed to tap the potential of human creativity and collaboration across the globe, and pool our talents and resources in a way that ensures long term commitment and shared responsibility for that vision.