What Are You Developing?

We are developing a social collaboration platform that allows people around the world to plan, design and execute space missions. Using the platform, people can self-organize into virtual or local working groups with the tools necessary for seamless cross-collaboration including project management, data analysis, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Individuals or groups will be able to join a project and begin collaborating immediately, whether it is across town or on another continent. Aside from our unique set of collaborative tools, our mission of reaching the stars differentiates our solution from anything extant. Individuals will be empowered to cooperate to propose and implement projects on a scale currently reserved for only the richest governments or largest corporations. By doing so, we hope to accelerate humankind’s journey towards the stars, not under any one flag or a corporate logo, but together as a unified planet.


Why a Platfom?

We all share a common vision of humankind settling in outer space in our lifetime. Everyday people should have the opportunity to help such ambitious and futuristic dreams become a reality. While our solution is motivated by space settlements and exploration, we are just as equally interested in improving life on Earth. To enable broad swathes of humanity to work together and bring us closer to the stars, the right collaborative toolset is needed. We believe that if an open framework to collaborate on large missions is made easily available to everyone, independent problem-solving communities will organically emerge. These problem-solving cells can leverage the mental abilities and financial donations of thousands of like-minded individuals. We have a fundamental belief in humanity’s ability to solve problems when provided with the right conduit to share, process and brainstorm ideas. This is what drives us to build our ‘space age’ social collaboration platform.


How Will It Impact Society?

We expect our platform to unleash a new form of productive collective action that is cross-border, cross-cultural, and cross-expertise. Our solution will allow technologically & socially ambitious projects that would benefit all humankind to find the resources and expertise they need. We expect our platform would help spread the notion that if you have a grand dream, your first step to collaborating towards its realization is just a mouse click away. By diminishing the impact of borders, culture, and differences in expertise, our online tool could stand to improve the world on an unprecedented level.

By showing the world that large-scale crowdsourced technological projects can be successful, it will shift perceptions of what is possible through collective action. Improving how we collaborate as a species will have cascading impacts on the rate of technological progress and positive social change. Early successes could drive even more people to seek involvement. By including increasing numbers of talented individuals in groundbreaking research and exploration, the platform will become capable of increasingly ambitious projects. In this way, it should move from strength-to-strength, building upon each success as time passes.

Additionally, proposed projects can in some cases transform into distinct business entities. Whenever a potential profit-generating project is crowdsourced, the return on investment for contributed time needs to be accounted for. This could have cascading impacts worldwide as it helps upend the current logic of “work”. Under this new paradigm, high-tech start-ups with more worker-ownership will become much more common.


Who Are We Looking For?

Our priority target community are those passionate about any aspect of improving earth or settling in outer space. This unique community possesses a variety of skills across many disciplines including engineering, sciences, sustainability, politics and the arts. The technological focus and optimism common to this community make them an ideal audience for our collaborative high-tech platform.


Why Are You a Cooperative?

We believe that the first step in changing way the world operates is to change the way we operate. In choosing the uncommon route of becoming a cooperative corporation, we expand the possibilities for growth beyond the usual avenues of venture capitalism and catering to external shareholders. Instead, our growth will be tied to (and indeed be represented by) the discovery and application of currently untapped human potential. Our structure uniquely reflects our aspirations for growth by giving us the freedom to scale up as our worker-owners see fit. Beyond the deployment of our platform, the design-driven collaboration infrastructure we aim to create naturally facilitates innovation.

In conclusion, our initial craft is a tool with which to build a better future, and it is a tool that will be in anyone and everyone’s hands. We believe that this combination of broad utility, self-consistent values, and momentum-building relationships is a crucial and bold step to take humanity where it has not gone before.