Position: Senior Full Stack Developer (for equity)

Space Cooperative is currently looking to grow. We are initially developing a social collaboration platform for people to work space missions together, alongside many other initiatives focused around making the universe a better place. Do you like space exploration and space settlements? Then you will love to be part of this team.

Our platform is a responsive Ruby on Rails web app. Some features include messaging, user profiles, tagging, project management, data scraping. We are using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Git, HAML – so you must be experienced with these technologies. For this project, you would be working 3-4 other developers. The initial application is already started – so you’d be working off an existing codebase.

If you have 10-20+ hours a week of availability in your schedule and are a self-motivated individual that is interested in being both a co-owner and on the board of directors of a currently ‘bootstrapped’ cooperative corporation, please apply. You would be working for equity, but we aren’t doing this to get rich. It’s a passion project to get us all to space faster 🙂

More about the company

We are a worker cooperative, currently composed of 6 members and growing, from various backgrounds such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, product design, civil engineering and web development.

We are a distributed virtual team, and often meet in the evenings (PST) and weekends. No funding or salaries at the moment (for everyone) but are planning to have that at some point. This is a unique opportunity to be part of something that will have a galactic impact. We are going to space. There aren’t enough job openings at SpaceX, NASA, JPL, so we hope to fill that gap with the company we are creating.


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